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Links to a considerable number of authors from the Golden Age of Science Fiction up to the ' 60s.

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+ Welcome to Stockville is the title of a CD by the Stockum All Stars Band from Unna, Germany. Listen in with RealAudio. 
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+How to tune in to distant radio and TV stations all around the planet. 
+ABS fm remembered. Germany's pirate rock radio station to be way ahead of its time in the mid-sixties.

+The Speculations Page Where did computers originate from
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 Science Fiction Writers

SFWA's first Grandmaster
Robert A. Heinlein
Read all about his life, his works. There's the Classic Robert A. Heinlein Page,along with detailed reviews of his novels and juvenile novels, deatailed listings of his stories and nonfiction works.

Gone but not forgotten
C. M. Kornbluth
He died from a heart attack in 1958 at age 35. Learn about his life and his contributions to sf, his role in the emerging genre.

Nearly forgotten, but nonetheless great
Daniel F. Galouye
His great novel Simulacron 3 opened the gate to cyberspace as early as in 1963. It was an e-mail asking me for information on the author that made it clear that there was not much on the Web. 

Simulacron 3 became a major motion picture by director Roland Emmerich in 1999 entitled 'The Thirteenth Floor'. Unfortunately the release date coincided with the release of The Matrix.

+A photo gallery from way back when: Altena in 1929/1930.

+A portrait of the town of Hamm

+Autumn in Westphalia. Autumnal impressions.