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Important Links To Medical Schools....

Münster University Medical School               BU  CME Online

           Baylor College Of Medicine, Houston, Texas

These sites are musts for the medical profession.      

Hobby-related Links

Fantastic literature( gothic novels, science fiction, horror)

Amateur radio (DB1DZ)


American & English fiction

Folk music, Blues, Rock 'n' Roll of the 50's and early 60's, R & B and Soul music of the 60's and 70's, some Country, certain melodic 80's and 90's music.

Not just listening to the above mentioned kinds of music but also
playing the piano, keyboards, and the guitar

Satellite TV & Radio

Simply having a good time

....and NOW the Site Index

Herb Severing's Web pages in English

Heribert E. Severing's Virtual Home in Cyberspace

The Fantastic Page

The Robert A. Heinlein Page

The Cyril M. Kornbluth Page

Daniel F. Galouye, a Great SF Writer Who Had Been Constantly Underestimated.

The Speculations Page

The Black Cats Page

Favorites Around the House

Autumn in Westphalia

Historic views of Altena

The RealPlayer - Radio and TV Around the Planet via the Internet

The Stockum Allstars: Welcome To Stockville. Listen to RealAudio.

Cool Cat's Literary Advice Page(s) (still under construction)

Cool Cat's Classic-Science-Fiction Links

Radio History: Radio ABS fm remembered

Let's Get Started - the German American Starting Point for the Web

Hamm: The City in the Green Heart of Central Westphalia

The Links and Index Page

Herb Severing's Webpages in German

Klassische Science Fiction und Phantastik in Deutschland

Heribert E. Severings virtuelles Heim im Cyberspace

Fantastische Zeiten, fantastische Seiten

Die Robert A. Heinlein Seite

Die Welt des Hans Dominik

C. M. Kornbluth - früh gestorben, doch unvergessen

Heribert E. Severings deutsche Homepage

Burggymnasium Altena

Historische Bilder aus Altena

Herbstliche Impressionen aus Westfalen


Herb Severing's Webpage in French

La Page de Robert A. Heinlein

Come along to the river Moselle and look at Winfried Jackson's Bookshelf. You'll enjoy his good sense of humor and learn something about European Satellite TV.

Get cultural insights and exciting information about literature and motion pictures worth watching. Visit Ted Johnson, a thoughtful man up in the Pacific Northwest.

There's something very special way out in cyberspace. Mary Jo Rabe along with husband Franz at an overall outstanding site, including regular form letters in English and German, as well as links and information, last but not least, literary publications by Mary Jo. Enjoy.


Fabulous pictures from the planets

More links...

taking you to the official web site of my home town of HAMM


 Free Speech Online Worldwide.

ACLU Freedom network

American Civil Liberties Union, one of the greatest defenders of freedom in America


Read the Latest International News at 7@m's Site

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Cool Cat's Classic-Science-Fiction Links

now bringing American literature real close to your doorstep, if you are living in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or Luxembourg.

The Best in Books and Music.

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